Small sectional sofas?

gailrolfeApril 28, 2009

We have just finished remodelling our kitchen and family room area and want to get a sectional sofa for the family room but have been stymied trying to find the right combination of small AND comfortable. Being short-legged folks, we prefer sofas that aren't too deep-seated (maybe around 24-27") but want something suitably cozy and comfortable to curl up on for reading, napping, whatever. Most of what we find are very deep seated and very squishy so that we sink way in and have to crawl out OR they are much firmer and more formal with hard arms and no cush-y at all...can anyone suggest brands that we might look at that might be a both small and comfy? Thanks!

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We ordered the Theodore sectional from Clayton Marcus and are anxiously awaiting its arrival. We got the Right Arm Facing Sofa and the Left Arm Facing Loveseat. Our living room is oddly laid out and we have competing focal points, which is why we chose a sectional. I know Rowe also makes some smaller sectionals, such as the Brentwood.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clayton Marcus

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Thanks, mrsmarv. It turns out that brand is carried at a store just 2 miles from my home and we hadn't even thought of going there for some reason! I'm going to go check them out tomorrow.

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I know Pottery Barn has a smaller sectional - A friend bought it for her den and it fits very nicely.

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I'm so anxious to see how you solve this, because after my own ordeal, I know what you're up against. For me, the problem was the depth. I had an interior designer work with the room diagram and they came up with an arrangement that was nothing like what I'd envisioned. Since you are short, the depth comes into play for you as well. You may find, that most of what's available is at LEAST 36" deep. Most are much deeper.

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I looked at the dimensions on the Pottery Barn sectionals last night on line and I was impressed that it said the seat depth was about 23". Overall depth was 35" that seems to me like the back pillows would have be pretty supportive to prevent us from feeling like we were falling backwards but at least it might be worth trying. I also want to go try the Clayton Marcus at our nearby stores but unfortunately DS is home sick and I think may be tomorrow as well so it may be Friday or this weekend before I can pick up where I left off. I'll be sure to post the results of our next foray out to test sofas! I really appreciate the suggestions--thanks.

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The seat depth on the Theodore (Clayton Marcus) states that it is 22" deep. The back cushions are supportive on that particular style. Ours is coming next week and I will report back with regard to how it feels, along with some pics.

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I also know of another manufacturer, Younger, made in NC. Most of their line is on the small side for apartments and smaller homes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Younger sectionals

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