consumer reports reviews on linoleum/marmoleum

sleepydrjFebruary 26, 2007

I see on the web that Consumer Reports reviewed two types of linoleum in August 2006. The teaser says one type was better for wear and the other excelled at something else.... but no details.

Can somebody out there summarize these findings from the print magazine?

Finally, overall, are there comments on quality or experience with Armstrong linoleum vs Forbo Marmoleum?

I'm planning on putting Marmoleum sheet in my tiny bathroom, and plan to put in marmoleum click in our new kitchen. A local installer recommended looking into Armstrong product. My impression from the Armstrong website was that they had 12 colors on display, and that it was a sort of sham handwave at linoleum, with lots of emphasis on how much care it takes. In other words, the Armstrong linoleum descriptions discourage use of lino, and make vinyl look more appealing. At least that was my impression.

So: what is your experience?



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Summary of the review:

"Linoleum varied widely. Often confused with vinyl, which is plastic, linoleum is mostly linseed oil and wood products. Two brands we tested were best at handling dents and sunlight. But one was vulnerable to scratches, the other to wear."

Wear: Fair
Scratches: Excellent
Dents: Excellent
Stains: Average
Sunlight (UV fading): Excellent

Wear: Very Good
Scratches: Poor
Dents: Excellent
Stains: Average
Sunlight (UV fading): Excellent

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I have Marmoleum in a mudroom/laundry/bath. I'm very happy with how it has held up in the 3 years since install. The only care it gets from me is a weekly vacuum. It does have some scratches, if I look carefully. But I suspect that if I were to apply another coat of the acrylic sealer/polish/whatever that I applyed after install these scratches would disappear. In other words, they are very surface scratches.

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