Hampton Wood Insert

chispaOctober 5, 2005

Anyone have a Hampton wood insert? Model is HI300.

I did a search on hearth.com for some reviews and that brand/model doesn't appear anywhere. This model has a brown enamel finish that looks incredible, at extra cost of course! I'm a she, so looks are important! :-) From my research I think Lopi and Pacific Energy are good companies. I fell "in love" with the look of the Hampton, but want to make sure that it is similar quality to the other two brands.

Right now I'm considering:

- Lopi "Freedom"

- Pacific Energy "Pacific" or "Summit"

- Hampton "HI300"

Any reviews/comments? I need to make a decision in the next few days so I can get installation by end of November.

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I'd also recommend considering Regency. I have two of them and have been delighted. Good Luck!

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"I'm a she, so looks are important!"

We're guys, and looks are important to us too! Well, just not in stoves is all.

I've posted in several places on my Pacific Energy Summit and why I chose it. You can search and find them if you're curious. I love the thing. It's a beast.

My kids have been trying to get me to light a fire, but it's been in the seventies here.

The big ceramic glass is awesome. Wood stove fires burn so clear, it's really amazing.

I don't know about Hampton, but I'd say be cautious with a brand that hasn't been reviewed on HEarth.com. It may mean that you'll be the guinne pig. What is the look worth if the thing is awful?

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Hey Chispa -
If you go to the Hampton web site and click on the "architect and builders" and then on the "CAD Drawings and Manuals", I think you'll get a big surprise. . .

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Ok, so Hampton clearly seems to be a spoofed up version of the Regency units, right?

I suggest making sure that you get the full price with blower and all the bells and whistles, because I have a feeling that the pretty brown finish is going to cost a bunch more than an equivalent "stripped down" Regency I3100.

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Hey ... isn't that the same as a Benz being a spruced up Chrysler or a Jag a pretty Ford!! LOL

Ok, so the Regency's seem to well liked. I'll go back and read the reviews. Yes, I will be paying for the "looks" but it is in a prominent part of the house and would be more appropriate for the house style/size. They have a promo now that you get a free blower with purchase - dealer didn't mention it though!

Switch, thanks for taking the time to review the specs. The THS site has great people!

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By the way, who gets an insert without a blower?

It's like saying, "hey lady, you buy this car, I'll throw the steering wheel in."

The price they are quoting should include the blower, and it shouldn't even be offered as an "option."

Disclaimer - My opinion only. Other opinions will vary, based on personality and location.

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The blowers are listed as an option for many of the inserts. I saw this in several different brands. Not an option for us either!

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Ok, so this pm I finally get over my analysis paralysis and call the dealer to order the Hampton HI300. While I'm waiting to talk to him I am looking at the specs and notice a problem. My fireplace opening is 4" wider than the unit. Dealer is looking into a filler trim, painted to match, and will call back tomorrow. Nothing is ever easy!!

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When you say 4" wider than the unit, you mean the facade? My fireplace was 4" wider than the unit, but the facade piece that goes over the front covers that gap. You mean your fireplace is wider than the facade cover?

By the way, nothing is easy if you're miss Fancy Pants gotta have the byuuuutiful look and all that.


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Yep! Most inserts have the stove + facade cover. The HI300 model is all one piece, so my fireplace is 4" wider. Dealer can make two filler strips, 2" on each side, to fill in the space. It should still look good!!

Just ordered some wood tonight. The going rate for the Boston burbs is $260. We get special prices for being in that fancy zip code! :-0

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How much is the Hampton being sold for?

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Yeah, you know, I hate it when the folks on the phone ask me "where is this wood going to?"
As soon as I same my town name, I can hear the "ca-ching" on the other end of the phone.

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I don't have it in front of me, but it was around $2,700. I also saw it on-line in a place in OR that had the insert for $2,399 and the blower for $265. Seems to be the standard retail price. The Hampton is the more expensive and dressed up twin of the Regency insert.

On the Hampton website there is a promo for a free blower. My dealer didn't mention it. I will be bringing it up when I order the insert later today.

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I've been looking at both the Hampton and the Clydesdale. My fireplace opening is 48". The Hampton is 8" short and the Clydesdale is 1" I went to two brick outlets today and found some bricks that I can add onto my existing fireplace. My preference is the Hampton but I have to order it from the Statesas there is no dealer here in Ontario, Canada. My concern is servicing if I need it. Comments?

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I did not like the "look" of the Clydesdale! I did order the Hampton HI300 wood insert, but it won't be installed until mid November. You will have to talk to Hampton regarding any service/warranty in Canada.

The dealer here will make a metal filler to cover the gap in my fireplace opening. The metal will be painted to match the insert.

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Just read the post and figured I "wood" add my 2 cents worth. Chispa - I actually have the Hampton in Timber Brown installed in my house as of last December 15th. Beejayw, there are dealers here in Canada,in fact the unit is partially made here in Canada. Here is the history of the unit as told to me. Yes it is qa Regency firebox which is a tried and true design. A few years back Regency bought the Irish stove makers Waterford (no not the crystal company). What Waterford brought to the equation was absolutely stunning asthetics by way of the old world craft of "enamel". So the wizards at Regency drum up the bright idea to bring out a new "brand" called Hampton that leverages the both Regency and Waterford yet catered to North American design tastes. As such the box is still made here in Canada while the enamel pieces are made (by hand) in the Irish foundry. From what I understand the enamel is still "painted on" by hand and fired at the foundry in Ireland. It goes on by hand in a paste like form and is fired at super high heat.

Now how do I like the unit? Lets just say it is absolutely gorgeous and the Timber Brown is really unique. Once up to heat (about 20-30 min) it burns super efficient (also a function of good seasoned wood) and if you are wondering it has been on for the last 3 days at my place. The blower is a must not only for function but it caps off the bottom too. It has two settings and an auto function.

Is it expensive? - Yup! Is shipping approx 250lbs (the enamelled parts) from Ireland expensive? - Yup! Would I do it again? Well, lets just say I am working on the basement and will be puttinother one in down there too.

Any questions feel free to ask me.


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MICHAEL - Thanks for the info and history on the Hampton. I was happy to read that you really like your timberland brown hampton. I erred when I said I couldn't get the hampton; what I meant to write was clydesdale, athough I've found a couple of dealers in Ontario who will order the clydesdale. I have decided to buy the Timberland Brown HAMPTON and I was pleased to learn that the casting is done in Ireland as part of my heritage is Irish.
CHISPA: Did your dealer give you the blower as part of the regency/hampton promotion?

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Michael, Thanks for taking the time to reply. It is good to hear that you are happy with the Hampton. Makes me feel better about spending the extra money to get the Hampton.

Beejay, Yes, my dealer did not charge me for the blower. He claimed not to know about the promotion, but didn't question my request.

They have the units in stock, but the delay is the installation. Their crews are very busy and won't get to mine till third week in November.

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CHISPA: I've also had some difficulty getting the dealer nearest me to cough up on the free blower. with a lot of resistance, they have agreed to give me $300 for it. I haven't liked their attitude, so I've found another dealer about 60 km. away who upon my asking about the cost of the hampton, immediately told me about the free blower.

MICHAEL: Have you had any smoke coming into your room when you light your hampton?

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beejayway..... have not had a problem with smoke. I am lucky that my fireplace is in the middle of my house and not on an exterior wall. As such it is often noted that this is ideal for a good air-draw. Regardless I have devised a virtually foolproof way for starting a good fire in this unit. I simply take 2 medium size pieces (not kindling and not a large log but about 3" high when looked at on its profile.) and lay one on the right side and one on the left. This creates about a 6-8" channel in the middle. I take 2-3 peices of crumpled newsprint and place in the channeled middle. Then simply take about 8-10 pieces of kindling and build the old standard "log house" on top of the larger logs. Essentially what this does is raise the log house kindling off the base of the fireplace about 3-5". The paper is below the log house nestled in the air channel. One quick click of the lighter on a corner of the nearest piece of paper and voila!. I don't close the door shut tight right away, Instead I simply close the door until it hits the latch but without actually "latching" the door shut. This causes air to rush in throught the small crack and acts like a "power-bellow". I leave it for about 5 minutes this way. Nothing comes out of the crack because of the velopcity of the air rushing in so there has never been a safety issue doing it this way. After 5 minutes I latch the door shut. The kindling burns and falls in the channel between the two larger pieces on the right and left sides. The coals from the kindling help to ignite the larger pieces.

I have also found that when it is time to add more wood, I don't swoop the door open. Rather, I unlatch the door and leave it in that same "rested" position as when I start the fire. This helps to equalise the pressure in the firebox. After 5-10 seconds I open it slowly - I rarely if ever have any smoke escape this way!

beejayway - which dealer are you purchasing from?


p.s. - if you are in Toronto you are welcome to come by and see our fireplace - just let me know!

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MICHAEL: Thanks for your very helpful suggestions in how to start the fire and also how to prevent smoke arising in the house.
I'm going to be dealing with the people who own "The Fireplace Group" in Chatham.
Thanks for you invite - I may just take you up on your invitation!

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I am purchasing a hampton stove, and have a question about installation. Do I have to install a 6" flue pipe all the way to the top of my chimney, or just above my damper?

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That subject has been discussed to death.
Please read all the other posts.

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Looks like I'm a little late here but I have this stove in my house in the black matte finish. I bought it this year to replace my "Big Moe" all nighter I have had for ever down in my basement. It took some pushing but I talked my wife into an insert with the higher oil prices. The Big Moe in the basment did a good job heating the 2300 sq ft above along with the 1100 or so basement in my colonial but I always had the furnace on along with it. This Hampton is incredible! It uses about 1/4 of the wood I used in the old stove. It doesn't smoke at all- inside the house or out the stack. The blower works great. The damper is the 1st damper I've had that works the way it should. And mostly- it's 26 outside right now and my downstairs is 73 on the opposite side of the house from the stove and upstairs is 68- this is without running it full blast.

My house is well insulated but this stove is the best I have ever seen. The glass stays clean and it fully burns the wood. It's ben going opretty much since Nov 1st and I only took out 2 small galvinized pails out about 1/2 full.

I went fo the standard stainless liner which I think accounts for the perfect draft. Best stove I have owned and I have owned plenty. Best of all it really looks nice and it was the only one my wife liked. She said the others looked like what they have in the back room of the funeral home!

I hope you bought it- you will be happy. Be sure to get the blower, any insert is not that efficient without a good blower. ....jim

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OP here. Thanks for posting. Good to know you are happy with the Hampton. I did buy it, but it won't be installed till next week. I will post once we have used it for a few weeks.

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Hello All - I had my Hampton insert (black enamel) installed two weeks ago. Great looking piece, and incredible heat output, with modest wood use. A great improvement over our previously open fireplace. Here are a couple of issues I am wondering if any of you have experienced:

1. Even with the "air-wash" system, the glass gets dirty enough to require cleaning after a full-days use. We have tried moving the fire back in the box and keeping it smaller and that does not seem to matter too much. Not hard to clean, but I did expect more from the air-wash feature.

2. When the insert is cold, we get a decent amount of smoke smell back in the house. The FP is in an exterior, non-shared chimney, and I expect some cold-air creep, but I expected the insert to seal this at least as well as our (now removed) original flue. I do push the air control all the way in (closed), but still get the sour smoke smell.

The installer did apply a good amount of hightemp caulk during the install - perhaps he just missed a spot or two?

Any thoughts would be appreciated - other than these issues, we are very pleased with our choice.

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I'll address the air-wash system.

Your blackened glass should "burn-off" with a hot fire. If it is not, then you are most likely not burning it hot enough and/or you are using unseasoned wood. A dead give-away is a tarry substance forming on the glass that will not burn off easily.

Burning unseasoned wood regularly will get you a chimney fire in just a matter of a month or less.

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Chispa--I had the same thoughts and questions as you. I learned the Hampton is actually the top-of-the line insert of the Regency familyÂa highly respected brand of wood inserts. I, like you, like the appearance with the Timberline enamel finish. I also like the outstanding reviews of owners. IÂll probably purchase one (insert, surround, blower) this weekend. My remaining questions: WhatÂs the optional steel casing for the inside, and should I buy it also? Finally, does anyone have any suggestions regarding installation? However, IÂve already decided to have a licensed, bonded professional install mine. IÂll let you know how things go. I have a heat pump in my new log house in VA and it just isnÂt hacking it!!!!! Have a nice stone fireplace to put it in thatÂs useless for heating with no insert. I canÂt wait to get the Hampton installed! Scott

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I just got my Hampton up and running this last week.

I actually bought it a couple of years ago from someone I know who was a dealer at the time (dealer cost was about $1500 with blower!). I had to rebuild the fireplace and upper chimney on my 1880's home so things got put off. I finally ordered my liner kit and I recommend Rockford Chimney Supply. I ordered my kit on Tuesday morning and it arrived from Michigan to Ohio withing 26 hrs, the install went so easy I thought something had to be wrong, but it could be because the entire kit right down to the foil tape and stainless hose clamps are USA made. I lit my first fire at 6 pm Wednesday about 32 hours after I ordered it!

About the Hampton, it looks great in my old house, the heat output is excellent, in fact I'm going to need to add some venting to help move the heat to the rest of the house. I don't get any smoke in the house from the unit. This is partially because I installed a full length insulated liner, and I always open the damper and then the door slowly.

The blower is a must as I would think would be true of any insert.

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I want to perchase a regency 3100 woodburning insert or the qudra-fire 5100 wood insert.My house is two story aprx.2500 Sq.ft.with an open floor plan on the first floor. Must mak a choice by Nov.22 to get the free blower on the regecy,can anyone offer sugestions or comments as to witch one is the better of the two stoves.Or any experiance with any other insert

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