hearthatone wood stoves factory defects in material and service

RyanFullerOctober 10, 2013

I recently purchased a hearthstone homestead wood stove. At the time of the 3rd use 2 side tiles broke and may now allow carbon monoxide gas to pass through the stove. I called the dealer and the factory for a month without a single solution offered other than "pay freight, package and ship your stove to us [ 3,000 miles away ] and well take a look at it" approach. If their are other consumers out there that have purchased a hearthstone homestead or similar product and have also found the factory unreasonable and unable to stand behind their product I would like to hear from you. These 2 broken tiles are at the bottom of the stove. The cracks on one side are severe. Do any of the know of a good product that could be used to seal this defective device so I can still heat my home safely this winter? Other issues with the install from Country Homes Power is Spokane Washington include, 40 minute burn times [ the factory states this is due to an overdraft issue] This is a hearth mounted stove and I would love to purchase a stove that will not only heat my home but do so in safe and efficient manor. Any suggestions? The heat out put of the hearthstone stove is no where near that of which is advertised.

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If I were you I would find another Hearthstone dealer in your area and tell them, in a calm, professional way, what your problem is.

Your short burn time is indeed because there's too much draft. Your flame should be a nice, lazy, flame.

Who installed it? There might be your problem. Did the installer mishandle the unit causing the damage? The installer is the very first person I would look at regarding any broken pieces and improper draft.

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