What flooring?

doogan123February 19, 2011

Hi all,

I have been pouring over this forum all day trying to get some direction in terms of flooring companies - and I am just confused :). My main question is on the quality of flooring products. I have spoken with local stores and they have shown me Mohwak, PG model, Mercier, Mannington, mirage, and sommerset.

We are looking at a birch or a maple,4-5" with some character. The leader of the pack right now in terms of look is by "PG Model" which is a canadian company. I cannot find a single comment on this company outside of some canadian business reviews (which were ok)

So - can anyone comment on which company generally makes the better product. Should I be looking at other manufacturers?

any comments greatly appreciated.

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So the one we finally would like to go with is Mercier Hard Maple pacific grade .. but unfortunatly its too much ( 7.89 is best price is can find). The next best is Mohawk Maple (5.79) The problem i am finding wth Mohawk is that they are really just a distributer - i.e. They buy out all the competition - and then they only market what they want They have one maple available whick is odd. (On Hoskins website - its called maple ridge). In the store i am looking at buying from - its called Mullholland Same wood from what i can see - 5 " * 3/4 wide board.

Has anyone got any comments or advice on Mohawk solid wood?

Looking to pull trigger tomorrow/wed


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What did you decide to do? I was trying to decide between Mercier and Mohawk as well. Mohawk has a terrible website and virtually no information on grades of wood, etc. I called customer service and was told they did not give out info on grades of wood or tell customers which lines were low, mid, and high end. I said they had made it so difficult that we would probably go with Mercier to which the guy replied "go ahead". Wow! What a jerk! Through the whole thing I had been both kind and polite and had clearly asked my question about wood grade. I was stunned and decided to forget about Mohawk. Later someone in the flooring business said that Mowhawk is in big financial trouble. They deserve it.

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When dh and me were looking for hardwood our builder put us in touch with a floor guy in the area we were building in( one of his subs). He showed us several samples and he explained each one and the pros and cons. We were satisfied with his knowledge and his selection. Can you not find such a person in your area? Is there not a good flooring business where you can ask these questions? I would not purchase hardwood through a website without KNOWING all about the wood in the first place, too much money, just sayin'!

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I am not a Mohawk fan by any means, but they are not in financial trouble.There is no rumor of such and i would have heard it as I keep my finger right smack dab on the pulse of the flooring industry. There is no excuse what that clown did for you.

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I would never buy hardwood flooring over the internet. I do like to make informed choices and flooring salesmen are salesmen and not friends. They want to increase their profit even if it means screwing people over. How do you protect yourself? I do not want to rely on their word----I want to see numbers, graphs, and facts. For instance, I do not want to be told a low end product is mid-range. The manufacturer should be compelled to provide information to the consumer and not toss us like fresh meat to salesmen. Of all the diverse range of products I have purchased over the years, solid pre-finished hardwood flooring has been the biggest challenge. The playing field is not level.

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1st off, my associates are not liars. I take insult to people like you who make brash statements, stereotyping people of an industry. I have a girl that works for me that would tell you right where to get of the train at. Go pour cement and paint it as she wouldnt need your sale, nor would she want to do business with you. Ans if the attitude you have was recognized by the Mohawk rep, I now applaud the person. 1st off, how would a salesperson even know your criteria other than cost and what a rep tells them. They dont live on the floors they sell. What if they are not commissioned, or if so not driven by a sliding scale profit margin rate. If you want numbers graphs and facts on everything you buy and will not trust a salesperson for any opinion, it is sad..really sad..and you'll struggle to find peace with anything you buy.Good Luck with your endeavor to purchase solid hardwood. Also, flooring goes by price...champagne taste equals a champagne budget. Flooring is all relevant and it goes by price. Buy Canadian wood if you want the best. You want junk, China markets a lot of it to american companies who relabel and tell you its great. Now..a good salesperson who is not thought of as a liar might just clue you in on what you need to know. And you just wont find a graph listing junk as an option but there is a ton of it out there. Happy hunting a good luck. In the words of Micheal Kaye, See Ya cause your long gone in your way of thinking. Sad..really Sad.

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I said nothing of the sort to Mohawk. I just wanted information. I can see you prefer ignorant consumers. Your seething rage and arrogance are uncalled for and appalling. Thank you Joe Expert, son of God.

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Nope..not ignorant customers ..just ones that are looking for help...We used your post in a sales meeting Friday and I thank you for that. It will be in in a formal sales meeting on Tuesday. I had to stop two of my associates from registering on this forum and blasting you for the comments.Your statements were offensive as it took me 10 years to find the 6 salespeople we have. It actually took 79 hires in the last 5 years to get to these 6. I have a phenomenal 6 and they would never ever never ever mislead or misinform a customer to make a sale. Never. I have watched them and I have seen them lose sales to other stores because of their honesty on products. Now I apologize to you if I offended you on your Mohawk phone call, but your attitude towards salespeople actually calls for an apology as people do read these posts and they are driven by search engines. There are great answers for you, but no graphs or charts as they will only be as good as the manufacturer that publishes them. There is no other industry as cut throat as flooring or no other industry as hard to define as flooring. You just need to find that store that has honest salespeople. If you would open your heart and give a heartfelt circumstance to why it is important to you to have some facts to reassure your investment, there are many God Fearing Salespeople, and owners that will steer you straight. It is really your call. Good Luck. PS..you really shouldnt do the Son of God thing..that is really bad and hurtful. Good Luck again.

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