pellet stove and tv and pellet prices

luckyjOctober 2, 2009

I'm new to this forum as we're throwing around the idea of a pellet stove. But, I know, I know...I should have been doing this last March when prices may have been a little better. Well, maybe it will take me that long to do the research.

Anyway, we currently have forced air natural gas in our 27000sq' 1964 house. If we are to heat by stove, comparing all the options (wood, gas insert, pellet insert, etc.) a pellet stove makes the most sense for us based on several existing conditions, etc.

Next, we would have to use a stove insert into our existing brick fireplace. Currently, our (patiently waited for) flatscreen is mounted above the fireplace directly on to the brick. It hasn't been a problem because we light up the fireplace only once or so a year. My research has told me that the noise from the fans on the pellet stove would be loud and so a tv nearby isn't a good idea. But what if it is above the stove insert, what about the heat affecting the tv? Or dust that might cling to the screen, thanks to static electricity? Or, do I just start looking for a new place in the room for the tv? Anyone else with a flatscreen above their stove?

Next, concerning the price and supply of pellets. Most of the threads that I've found on pellet stoves are from 2005, when the price of oil first started going up sharply. So I don't know what a current price point should be.

I'm not sold on the pellet stove yet, but partly its that I'm worried about being dependent on a product that is still directly tied to the price of oil and that would have a limited supply with potentially increasing demand. I'm in Delaware, near southern Chester County, PA and I know one person in the area getting pellets for about $250/ton. Is this the reasonable rate these days?

Thanks so much for your help!

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Whoops....that should read, a 2700sq' house. Boy, oh boy, what would it cost to heat a 27,000sq' house, I don't even want to know!

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$250 a ton is a decent price in Vermont. I bought a cheaper brand this year but the pre-buy price for the the ones I used last year was 265. Last year it was $235 I think. I have had my stove 4-5 years. Pellets have gone up a little each year. Not sure it would be worth it if it goes over 300. Of course it depends on the cost of oil. One year it went up due to gas prices and the cost of trucking. Now it is a scarcity of sawdust with the slow down in construction. I have a harman p-68 and the fan does make noise and I do turn up the tv. Our tv is not close to the stove but the noise is still there. There are quieter stoves however. I direct vented our stove so that may be an option for you if you want to move the stove. I would talk to a dealer about having a tv over it. I don't think the heat would be an issue. The dust might be. good luck

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I just called our dealer, he's at $240/ton here in Western PA. We bought some for a lot lower last year but they were garbage. They were labelled as hard wood but I don't believe it!

We love our pellet stove. Our home is 3800 square feet, we usually go thru 780-800 gallons of oil a year, last year we cut that in half.

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