Cork Floor in Basement -Manufacturer? iFloor?

workingondreamhouseFebruary 2, 2012

We are going to install cork flooring in our new basement (glued version). This decision stems less from the green-ness of the product and more with the cost/durability. It seems that it will be softer and more accoustically pleasing than hardwood and cheaper and more durable than carpeting.

I found the products at iFloor and have spoken with a young man there about various options and installation. These floors seem considerably less expensive and thicker than other cork floors. Am I missing something? Has anyone used the iFloor cork floors? Another manufacturer?

Has anyone installed cork in some of the interesting patterns (like on the Globus website)? It is a large room, about 1000 sq. ft and my husband thinks it will be boring to install a single color without some sort of pattern. He is worried about it looking too "1970's Basement."

This is a walkout basement so there is some natural light, but not a lot. Thanks for your help!

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Sophie Wheeler

It's not suitable for use below grade. Pick something else.

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Why would cork not be suitable for a room in a walk-out basement?

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There is substantial risk when using below grade. Cork is from trees, Not mushrooms. Pick something else.

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We used a brand of cork called "Natural Cork". This is a floating flloor that is approved for below grade installation. We installed many sq ft of it 6 yrs ago, and it is fine.

With that being said....I will not use cork again. It does not hold up well with kids. I have lots of gouges in mine, from what I would describe as normal wear and tear. My cork is very light. Perhaps, those gouges would not show up with a darker cork.

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Cork is fine below grade, PROVIDED you actually perform a moisture test to ensure you won't have a problem. If you don't do the test, you are taking your chances. If the test finds moisture issues, you will have a problem with cork, but, frankly, you will eventually have a problem with ANY floor covering and should fix your moisture problem.

I have happily had cork installed below grade for 8 years with no problems.

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Below grade with a fully bonded cork, is risky business, even if your moisture test are good today, they my not be come spring rains.

With that said, there are products that will reduce the amount of vapor emission coming through the concrete.

What it will not do, is stop a dew point from flashing on the cool concrete, below grade.

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