Best Way to Convey Info to Military Son

scarab4lifeJune 18, 2013

A friend's husband died without a will recently and I want to avoid the chaos involved with that situation.

My son is in the U.S. Navy. What is the best way to convey testamentary info securely to him? This info will include my Last Will and Testament and instructions about my accounts, liabilities, and expenses including user names and passwords.

He has frequent ship duty but is able to receive info via emal and U.S. mail.

By the way, I am currently healthy and still working.

Thanks for the info.

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Keep the info at home and tell him where to find it. You might want to designate a third person to help with it all.

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When I die my assets will be transferred to my heir when she shows the bank and courthouse my death certificate. I do have a small will $50. for the contents of my home and anything I may buy before my death. She is not to use the will unless someone contests the contents. For instance if my sister shows up and wants my jewelry. No court or lawyers who have to be paid or passwords needed.

Explanation: My money is POD (payment on death) and the home is TOD transfer on death. If you do that you can surely email him the instructions. He can't get control of anything without the death certificate. My attorney was very pleased with the way I had it set up. All he had to do was the will.

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