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hope0707April 19, 2011


I'm new here, and when I was googling one day, came across what looks to be a wonderful site, csn stores. In particular, I found a great selection of reasonably priced dining room furniture at diningroomsdirect. Does anyone have any experience shopping there? I live in a rural part of Canada, and shopping is limited. Even with shipping, etc, the dining room set that I am looking at is half the price at diningroomsdirect that it is at a local store, so I'm really hopeful that they are good to deal with.

Also, I'm looking at, and really like the look of a Paula Deen set. The low country hutch and sideboard is made for my small dining room. Does anyone know how the quality is with this line?

Can I say that I love this site (garden web), and will probably have many questions, which I hope you all won't mind? :)

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I have had a great experience shopping with CSN. Last year I purchased a large desk and bookcase. Delivery was prompt and the price was great! I am actually shopping right now on their site again for a dining sideboard. I am comparing the prices to Furnitureland South and most items are comparable in price. I also like the Paula Deen sideboard.. HOWEVER, I just checked and it is $682 at FLS.. It is over $900 at CSN!
.... so definitely do comparison shopping.. But I think CSN is usually comparable.

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also remember when comparision shopping CSN usually includes the cost of shipping in it's price. I got a quote from Boyles for a bookcase that was nearly $350 cheaper than CSN but when you added the cost of shipping it was the same price at either place.

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Good customer service experiences with CSN. I bought a bathroom light fixture which turned out to be defective (it had three "arms" with the lights at the end of them, and the left and right arms were not at the same level). They sent me another and it was also defective. They took both back, no problem at all.

Same thing happened with an end table. I bought a table with a metal base and wood top - I just had to assemble the top onto the base. It turned out the bolts supplied with the table were too large to go through the predrilled holes. Because it was a metal base, I couldn't make the holes bigger. I called them and they quickly shipped me a second table. Same problem. They immediately issued me a refund. Never even wanted the tables back - they said the warehouse would call me to arrange a pick up, but after several weeks they told me I could go ahead and get rid of the tables, they weren't going to take them back. (I donated them in the hopes that someone else could figure out how to put them together.)

Third time was the charm. I bought a table lamp from them - great price. Worked fine. Very happy with it - and with them. I would buy from them again in a heartbeat.

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Thank you so much for the responses! I am so happy to hear that you have had good experience with CSN. I think I will try ordering from them and see how it goes. Am I pretty safe paying them direct, or should I pay through paypal? Paypal seems safer, but CSN gives "points" if I pay through them that I can use on a future purchase, and if things work out, I will likely order a few things. Thanks again!

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What does paying "through them" mean? You should pay through a credit card - this gives you protection in case there's a problem and CSN won't follow through. (Maybe Paypal gives you protection also - I don't know.)

Always a bad idea to use a store-sponsored card. No leverage in case of problems.

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