marys1000June 3, 2007

I ordered free credit reports. No scores on them, see here that they don't include a score anymore and you have to essentially pay to get it.

is suggested.

Go to

Lots of ads for credit cards, loans, buy a Suzi kit, sign up for a 50.00 notification of changes in credit report service, all sorts of scamy looking deals etc.

Maybe is too early or maybe I'm too impatient but I didn't see where I could get my dang credit score. What the heck?

Is this not the right website?

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On the home page, go to "shop" and scroll down through the choices. You can buy a report and score from ONE of the big three companies by choosing the "FICO standard" or buy all three with "FICO deluxe".

There is usually a discount code floating on the web. Something like "myfico20" or similar to get 20% off final price. Can't hurt to try that code on the order form. Good luck!

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Hey thanks!

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Don't give your personal information and pay a third-party site when you can get your credit score directly from the three credit reporting agencies.


Those companies also created and sponsor Annual Credit Report. You can request your score through that site too. I'd stay away from those other copycat sites that exist only to make a buck off of you and possibly misuse your personal information.

Federal Trade Commission consumer credit information

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