Seasoning wood and Pine

newguy_2009October 29, 2009

I have been told that you can burn Pine as long as you age it properly. 1)What is the BEST age for pine wood? 2)Specifically PINE wood cut/split/stacked in the summer of 2009 can be used .... ? 3)Do you get any added benifit from seasoning wood an extra year. Specifically seasoning ALL the wood I have cut/split/stacked this summer and start using it in December 2011?

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Pine is fine to burn but do keep in mind that it has to be extremely seasoned hence dry! It could take several years to acquire the perfect condition depending on how it's cut, stacked and in direct sunlight. You will not be able to burn it this year because it will burst like hell and produce too much creosote. The pine I have believe it or not took nearly three years to season. Enjoy.

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I don't burn much pine but I do use it during the start of our heating season. We'll usually cut and split it in the early summer, let it sit and burn it about now as I am currently doing. I start the stove in the morning with pine and let it go out as the weather warms during the day. But we split it into 1/4 rounds, stack it LOOSELY which lets air get to all the wood, and burn it. Creosote can be a problem with pine especially if you have a "cold" fire which produces smoke. But I burn a hot, quick fire. At night the maple, oak, and birch get burned.

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In general, pine and other soft woods require around 6 months to season.

Here is a link that might be useful: Storage Shed Plans

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