fireplace insert VC Montpelier

bari7230October 22, 2011


Asking for some suggestions and comments,

After looking at many inserts with all the options I finally ordered a Vermont Casting insert Montpelier type.

I may have overlooked at one major option, Fresh Air option, creating an 4" fresh air flow to the insert.

Other inserts have it, the Montpelier don�t (correct me if I�m wrong), I was sure it has it because all other inserts I was reading about have this option.

I was reading the manual over and over and I can�t find this option.

Where exactly the Montpelier takes the fresh air, or maybe from multiple locations, inside the fireplace, and from the room, please advice.

What are my option, what modifications I can do so that fresh air will get to the unit and not taking the room air.

Thanks for your help in advance

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Not sure if you are still active here, but how has it gone with your insert?

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