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james378June 15, 2006

Recently I pulled my credit and there is an account which doesn't belong to me I contacted the credit grantor and credit reporting agency to dispute the information and they have not provided me with any information regarding the account. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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That happened to me once. I called the company (it was a credit card company) and they started an investigation for me right away. Turns out is was an invalid account number and not some kind of fraud. It took about a month before I received a formal letter from them resolving the issue. You only need to contact the credit reporting company once to notify them of a problem. If you don't hear from the credit grantor, keep pestering them until you do.

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My husband had trouble with his credit report because he is a junior-he and his father have the same name. LOL!!! He and his dad both wrote letters to the credit bureaus and it took about two months to get the records properly separated. They even thought dad and son were living at the same address-not true since DH left home at age 19 for the Air Force and never moved back home after that! All this was when we were in the process of buying a house,so it was very important. It is recommended you check your credit reports once a year for errors.

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