Ceramic/porcelain tile that looks like cork?

eleenaFebruary 7, 2013

Do you know of any?

I have tried searching but any search involving words "cork" and "tile" pretty much ignores all other words and all I get is the results for cork tiles. :-(

I am going to use cork in the kitchen but I wanted to use ceramic or porcelain tile in the laundry room (for obvious reasons). It is is clearly visible from the kitchen and I wanted them to look similar because I already have too many different floors in the house.

Could you give me some pointers where I might find such tiles?


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I've never seen any tile that is similar in appearance to cork. I wouldn't hesitate, however, to use cork in a laundry room, unless you expect it to flood frequently?

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DH said "absolutely, not" to cork in "wet" areas. I was barely able to get him to agree to cork floors in the kitchen, so I am not going to fight with him about the laundry, just not worth it. LOL

It does not have to look exactly like cork, just not stand out.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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OK, this one turned out to be very easy. I wish all of my remodel problems were that easy, LOL

I went to a local flooring store yesterday and I was amazed how much things had changed since the last time I shopped for flooring. There is almost every imaginable variation of wood-like ceramic tile and cork floors are also now made in a wood-like pattern. All I needed to do was pick the tile and match the cork color. I actually changed my mind and decided to do the kitchen in porcelain tile and only do cork in the LR/FR. DH is extremely happy, LOL

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