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andrelaplume2February 1, 2012

we have high gloss hw flooring in our kitchen. It looks great. Early on I'd used the nice smelling swifter spray mop thing. I read here a simple spray bottle of water would suffice so when the swifter solution ran out I started using the water. Don't get me wrong, the floors look great....until.....I open my front door and bright outside light fills house. Suddenly my floor looks smudgey. I used the swifter dry mop thing mistly water.....still smudgey...what the heck...

What should I be using. I saw the huricane spin mop on QVC...I see something similar (micofiber mop) at HD. The floor is clean...just smudgey!

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someone must know a way to mop/clean a hw kitchen floor such that it does not dry with

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Check with your local hardwood store to see what cleaner they recommend--often there is one that is used with a microfiber cloth. You could also try one of the floor steamers.

So far, we've pretty much just used the swiffer vac with a dry swiffer cloth on it and no problems. Spills are wiped up with cloth or paper towel then dried with dry paper towel.

Hope this helps!

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