How to remove dining room chair seats

johnhenry_2007April 9, 2007

Based on other online resources, I've gotten the impression that most dining room chair seats are removed by removing 4 screws, which screw up through a bottom frame and into the seat frame. Our dining room chairs do not appear to have screws which fit that description. However, they do have a total of 14 screws which screw horizontally through the seat frame and into a piece at the back of the chair, and, in the case of the two armchairs, into the bottom of the chair arms. I have removed all of these screws, and still the seat is firmly attached! We want to put new upholstery over the old, so would like to avoid removing the old upholstery from the seats. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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Any set I ever had was like you mentioned... four screws through the bottom and into the seat.

Hopefully someone can help - new upholstery made all the difference in my dining room!

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If you're having an upholsterer do the work, just give him the whole chair, he'll be able to deal with it. If this is a DIY project, upload some pictures.

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We intend to do the work ourselves. However, my wife has talked with an upholsterer to ask whether dining chair seats are usually glued, as well as screwed on. He says that they are not usually glued, and has offered to look at the chair to see whether the seat can be removed by tapping it with a mallet, now that the screws have been removed. We've only tried one chair at this point. It may be that the other seats will come out just fine.

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I don't know if it depends on the furniture brand but my FIL re-upholstered his old dining room chairs and they were not glued. He used thick fabric and a staple gun. They turned out ptetty nice.

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Yes... but to use that "thick fabric and a staple gun", you have to remove the seat! That is what is holding the OP up... the seat won't come out.

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Fabric seats are never glued in place. OK, never say never. But, I've never seen it. I have seen where backs have alignment pins, perhaps your seats have those.

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the screws are typically on the inside edge of the leg of the chair where it meets the seat, did you look there? I have never seen chairs that aren't constructed like that, and once you remove the seat - 15 minutes with a staple gun and you have new covers..couldn't be easier

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Post a people can better assess the problem.
Linda C

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