Pine tables

dorry2April 23, 2013

Thinking about purchasing a pine table for a second home, which is in a resort area, so it will be used a few months out of the year. I have never owned a pine table,but I like the warm, cottagey feel of pine. I know pine is a soft wood,but how soft is it? How easily can you dent or make an impression in the wood.

We use placemats, coasters and trivets all the time, so I am wondering if this is an issue. An occasional game might be played on th table, but I could use a tablecloth. The piece is slightly distressed to begin with...maybe additional dings will just add to the patina finish!!???

I might add, that the table top is not extremely thick..maybe 1"-1-1-2" thick.

Hope this doesn't appear twice. I have been receiving error messages when I hit submit.

Your thoughts??


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Pine will dent. Not if, but when. Some pine species are harder than others, so it's not possible to say how much it's going to take to dent it.

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I agree with bobs.Pine is a strong solid wood.Tables and other furniture made of Pine are considered environmentally sustainable.Pine tables are popular because of the highly diverse texture, grain and color of this wood.

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Just to elaborate, I have southern yellow pine in my floor joists. I have a hard time driving a nail in them, they are so hard (house built 40 years ago) Eastern white pine and sugar pine are about twice as soft as longleaf pine (one of several species sold as SYP)

You should get a touch up marker to color in new dents and make them blend with factory distressing.

Here is a link that might be useful: see right column on pp5-7 & 5-8

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I had a pine kitchen table. I used it for 15 years because I needed a size that was hard to find. However it looked terrible after a few years. Trivets dinged and scratched it.
I also had a pine secretary. It seemed like it got dinged just by looking at it. I would never buy anything pine again.

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