Type 6,6 soft Nylon vs. Shaw Evertouch Dreamin'?

susanch12345February 26, 2012

I'm looking for a durable carpet for my newly finished basement. We want something that lasts, can stand the wear and tear and 2 toddlers. We are not necessarily looking for the top of the line stuff. Just something nice, but reasonably priced.

Our local dealer told us about this 6,6 soft Nylon. It's unbranded, Frieze, with specs (multi colors). It has limited choices in color, but we could find a color that we like. The dealer told us this is a better carpet than the Shaw Evertouch. We can have it for about $27 per sq. yard including pads (0.5" 8 lbs), installation (including stairs).

The other one we looked at was the Shaw Evertouch Dreamin'. It comes with 20 colors and it's a plush carpet. He told us, this is good carpet, but a few steps down below the 6, 6 soft Nylon mentioned earlier. We can have this one for close to $21 installed (including 8 lb pads).

So, now we are torn about what to get. The 6, 6 soft Nylon sounds good, but we know so little about carpet, and not sure if it's worth the extra. Also we couldn't find a lot of information on this one because it's unbranded.

Would like to hear what you experts think... Should we go with the Shaw Evertouch Dreamin'? Is this a good carpet for our use? Or should we pay the extra for this unbranded 6, 6 soft nylon in Frieze, multicolor?

Many thanks to yu!

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dreamin is about as good of a value based product as it gets. We sell a lot of it because the warranty is 15 years vs your unbranded. If you triple touch the cushion the warranty inflates to 30 years at still a lower price than your unbranded 6.6. Dreamin is just great value and in today's world, value is everything.

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It is probably too late as you are already installed but if this helps anyone else I will post...

Dreamin is an example of an over warrantied carpet. You get what you pay for and this is almost as low as it gets pricewise. I would suggest if you want something that will look nice longer go for a shorter style not a fluffy cheap carpet. Nylon or not it WILL not wear well. Spend a few more dollars if you can PLEASE and get something worth installing. I use this carpet a lot for people selling or for rentals.

PS, read the warranty, 15 or 30 years means nothing to do with how this carpet will look in a year. Using a pad that costs more than the carpet would be silly in my opinion. Put the extra money into what you see.

Just sayin'


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One last rebuttal. I stand behind my statements on dreamin. Dreamin is approx 30 ounce faceweight with a fifteen year texture retention warranty. Tex retention is the only warranty that gives you a fighting chance against a carpet that uglies out. Should you place a triple touch cushion under it (you are actually buying warranty in my opinion)...and you have a tip blossom, water pool, twist loss, or any other fiber related problem, Shaw will cover it. Now nothing is 30 years or really 15 for that matter, but this carpet performs extremely well and doesent carry a monster price tag. Fusion 500 and Dreamin are two of the better valued upper entry level priced products that Shaw sells. We have stocked Dreamin since its conception (probably 3 years ago) and have not had one complaint. I will stack Dreamin up against a 20 buck a yard wholesale cost clear touch any day of the week. R2x stain protection is another nice benefit. Yep great for a rental, resale, or a family room in the basement and a whole helluva lot of other rooms for a budget conscious family. Shaw doesent buck the warranties when dealer applied pressure is present when triple touch is under the carpet. Just a little tidbit of info.

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