Repair wood fireplace or install ventless gas?

ifreakshowOctober 7, 2008

I have two log fireplaces in my home that share a single chimney(basement and living room). They are both currently back drafting and I heard that I could fix this by installing a metal liner inside the brick chimney. How much would this cost? I would like both fireplaces to be operational.

As an alternative, I have easy access to a natural gas line for both fireboxes, how much does it typically cost to just install vent less gas logs?


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Ventless is a big mistake and in many place a code violation because it allows fumes to build up in the indoors and consumes indoor oxygen levels. They should be outlawed altogether, but the manufacturers' lobbyists have prevented that.

If you enjoy a wood burning fireplace, that is certainly an acceptable alternative to ventless gas, and would probably be cheaper to put in place. Assuming the chimney is structurally sound, a new liner should run about $1K installed. That's just a guess. Get several estimates and ask around for recommendations because you need to make sure your installer is competent and honest.

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