What to do with my coffe table?

mgygdlApril 3, 2013

I'm unsure whether my coffee table is stained cherry or if it's actually cherry wood. My issue is that a few months ago it developed a dirty cloudy film that regardless of what I use to clean it, it won't go away and nothing changes. It looks dull and the worse of all is that under that cloudy top layer there's my son's palm print! I was using Method's almond dusting spray but on occasions my husband used olive oil mixed with vinegar to dust it. Could it be that the two caused that cloudy film to develop? Maybe. Now I just want it gone but don't know what to do. The only good thing (if that's what you could call it) is that it now repeals water...go figure.

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Yes, Lemon juice does remove some stains but you might prefer White Vinegar as it removes stains also.

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I would imagine that your cleaning regime is to fault.

Using a non-drying organic oil is likely to result in it going rancid. And vinegar, after all, is acetic acid.

I am reluctant to recommend a solution without doing some trials to see how it responds. It may just need a thorough cleaning, or the finish may be irreversibly damaged and require stripping and refinishing.

In the future, I'd limit the vinegar and olive oil to your salad dressing.

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I think the important thing to remember is that it is much easier to prevent than remove stains. On successful removal of your stain immediately wax, oil or polish your coffee table as appropriate to prevent further damage from occurring.

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