Non-slip rug on vinyl

frank1965February 7, 2009

Just put down Allure floor and can't find any rugs that are not latex backed. There's alot of olefin rugs but I think that is as bad as latex. I used latex on my kitchen vinyl before I knew better and it has never yellowed- lucky I guess. Don't want to chance it again though. Any ideas?

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Why are you worried about a latex-backed rug? It won't stain vinyl or anything else. I've had sets of latex-backed runners in my kitchen for decades on both sheet vinyl and solid vinyl tile, with no issues at all.

They don't harm my hardwood floors, either. We always use padding underneath our handmade Orientals. You might be thinking of the old-style foam padding, which used to deteriorate and stick to flooring. The newer stuff, especially closed-cell latex, works great.

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Well, the manufacturer explicitely states no latex backed rugs. Like I said I got away with it in the kitchen but with my luck I'll have a big yellow stain to look at for a long time.

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I was told NOT to use anything with a latex backing on our new vinyl because it will discolor the area. I have seen vinyl floors with discoloration from rugs and they look nasty.

Now, I will only use rugs without a backing. Yes, they move, but I'd rather keep my floor looking new then take any chances especially since the installer and salesperson explicidly said not to.

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Don't know if this will work for you but I used to buy a spray stuff that I used on the backs of entry rugs in some condo buildings. It prevented them from sliding on ceramic entryways. I sprayed a six inch area on each end.

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