lopi top loading woodstove

kayerdOctober 7, 2007

I am seriously thinking about buying a Lopi Lyden wood stove. Anyone have any experience with this stove? I read bad reviews about the company and am leary.

Kaye in Vermont

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I purchased a Lopi Revere last year and burned 24*7 from October to March last/this year. Didn't have a single problem with it, aside from normal newbie wood burning mistakes.

I've also never heard a bad thing about the company, nor a bad thing from other stove owners.

So you know, I believe the proper spelling is Leyden.

Also, check your PM, I'll send you a link to check out for reviews.


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Personally I think that's a very nice stove, top loading is a nice feature.

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I'm on my second lopi. Wouldn't have it any other way. Either stove performed(s) well. No moving parts on wood stoves, how can any mfg mess that up?
They are pretty stout. I had an answer that burned for 9 years . It was used as an insert to a zero-clearance box fireplace. I am on the third year for my liberty free stander. No issues.


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What have you heard that's negative? They make a good product and have been around long enough to back up their stoves.

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I goofed!
I bought a Lopi Leyden (thanks "dunadan") on October 10th and never came back to the site. Thank you for your answers.
I read the bad reviews of the manufacturer on hearth.com.
I'd like your help again, but this time, I know how a blog works and I'll check back often.
I'm getting a lot of creosole in my overnight burns. I'm wondering if I should leave the air control pulled out a little.
For twenty years I had an Upland and it was anything but airtight. So this stove is a bit of a mystery to me. Any help will be apreaciated.
Kaye in Vermont

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