Certified Letter for 'Occupant.' Pick it up?

jakabedyMay 10, 2008

We got the slip in our mailbox today that we had to go to the post office and pick up a certified letter for "Occupant" at our address. We have to be present to sign for it -- can't just sign the form and leave it in the box. Who in the world would spend $5.00 to send a letter to someone whose name they do not know? And how will the post office even know if the right person picks it up?

We don't owe anyone any money except the mortgage company, and we are in good stead with them (always early, always pay extra toward principle). We don't have dogs that bark all night. I don't think we've ticked off any neighbors.

There has been some strife between our neighborhood and a quarry that backs up to us. Do you think the quarry has had to send something out to everyone? But wouldn't they just look at the property records (our county has them online) and get our names?

I suppose there could be some sort of snafu with escrow with payment of property taxes. But, geez, shouldn't the tax folks know our names? if so, why send it to "occupant?"

I just find the whole thing odd. What do you think?

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I bet it's just a sales pitch of some kind, but would definitely go take a look at it, because you never know. My curiosity would win every time!

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My guess is that it is related to the quarry. It was probably easier for them not to look up all the names. And besides, not everyone is an owner-occupant.

Or maybe someone is looking to buy a house in your neighborhood?

I believe that sending a certified letter costs about $2.50 or so. Interesting marketing concept if it is just an advertisement.

Curiosity would drive me to go to the post office and get the letter.

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Hurry up and tell us what it says!!

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Ask around among the neighbours .. especially the ones who may be affected by the quarry (and whose names they might not have bothered to have looked up, either).

Quite likely one of them may have received a similar letter - and been more curious than you.

'Twouldn't hurt to ask.

On the other hand ... if yours is a small town/village ... and you may have a close connection with someone at the post ofice ... they might be willing to offer you a hint as to whether some others locally may have been bitten by the same bug!

You know what curiosity did to the cat ... but don't forget ... s/he had nine of 'em to work on!

More than you, I venture to say.

o j

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Just pick it up. There's no reason not to. I'm not a lawyer but it seems to me that, for example, if you were getting sued ignoring the letter just delays the inevitable. There will be a process server lurking in the bushes before long anyway.

If it is just some kind of notice from the quarry, it seems to me that you'd want to know what they had to say. There may be some situation where the quarry is required to notify the residents. Remember that certified mail provides proof of mailing along with proof of delivery. The quarry may be able to say, "Hey, we mailed them all notification. Here's the receipts. It's not our fault they never picked them up."

Or could be completely trivial, like a collection notice for a previous occupant.

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I'm definitely glad I got off early today to go get the mysterious letter. It was from the tax assessor of a county where we have a piece of investment property. The mailing card in the envelope has our yellow forwarding address on it, but I guess they don't forward these things? Oh well. I suppose we should have officially changed the mailing address somehow. I will be extremely ticked if I find that my stepsons, who currently live in the house, got the first two notices and didn't tell us.

DH will go tomorrow to pay the bill post haste!

58.88 Taxes
5.00 Storm Water fee
5.00 Collector fee (stupid tax)
5.00 Citation fee (stupid tax)
2.74 Interest (stupid tax)
31.50 Advertising fee (stupid tax)


43% stupid tax rate!

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We were sent notification for a certified letter. Went to the post office and asked to see it. Recognized the sender as a debt collector who we DIDN'T owe money to.

Back it went. Unsigned.

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The tax assessor advertises? I'm confused.

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I believe the assessor has to publish the tax deliquencies -- that probably is the advertising fee.

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The assessor's office advertises tax delinquincies, as quandary notes, but depending on your area the assessor's office may also publish notice of sheriff's sales, as well.

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