Harman Dealer Issue

harmanacOctober 4, 2009

I purchased a Harman Stove a couple years ago after i remondled a family room, removed old unit and prepared the area for a Harman Stove. This was Aug or Sept...I was told by the dealer that it would be backordered until Feb (near the end of the winter). I then searched online and emailed the MFG to see what else could be done.

I was able to locate another unit in stock, in another store....So I bought it.

Now I cannot have it serviced by a dealer because i'm finding out that dealers will not cross protected boundry lines and because i didnt buy it from the local guy, he will not even talk to me (even for factory warrentee work). and the dealer i bought it from cant help either...to far to travel.

Nobody told me about these territories...I thought I was buying from a store...like if one Sears is out of stock, you can go to another.

Can anyone suggest a solution? Is this common?

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Seems unprofessional on the dealers part. Actually it is childish. I would think he would want the service work. I would talk to the manufacturers rep. Seems to me they can't just leave you hanging. Not sure if they can force him to service it and maybe you wouldn't want him to under those circumstances. I buy my pellets from the dealer who sold me the stove and I also have them do an annual cleaning. I don't think he would care where I bought the stove.

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Have you contacted Harman? You probably should have asked your dealer if he could get the stove from dealer B for you, just to keep a good relationship with him, but hindsight is always 20/20. I'd contact Harman, but I bet your local dealer is going to put you on the bottom of the list. Do you buy pellets and have paid service on it from him?

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