direct vent to inside vent

malonefredericOctober 10, 2008

I have a gas fireplace that is direct vent that I need to vent through a chimminy but the chimminy is too small for the double pipe I could get the gas vent in it but not the air intake could I just use the inside air insted of the double pipe?

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If I understand you correctly, you are thinking of installing the direct vent system so that the vent that exhausts the fumes will go to the outside, and the vent that feeds the combustion will take air from the indoors instead of outside. If you did that you would be defeating the purpose of a direct vent system -- that it is supposed to be a sealed system that does not affect indoor air in any way. You run the risk of depleting the indoor space of oxygen, which is one of the hazards of ventless systems and the reason they are usually outlawed in sleeping rooms by the codes in most municipalities.

In sum, I do not think this is a good idea. But I have a possible alternative suggestion. If your fireplace is on an outside wall, it might be possible to vent through the wall to the outside instead of up the chimney. Some direct vent systems are designed so that is an available option.

Good luck.

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