Need help with Hardwood Flooring

pieng4February 1, 2012


We are building and need some help with flooring. We are putting wood floors throughout the main floor except bathrooms (approximately 1800 sq/ft). We've looked at several flooring stores and it seems we hear different things everywhere we go. We initially thought we wanted solid hardwood...then everyone was pushing engineered wood flooring....then we hear some good things about bamboo.

We are looking for something in a midtone brown with a little red and probably smaller grain. We are hoping this will be our home for decades to come and are planningn to raise a family here as well so durability is important. We live in the midwest and the flooring will be above grade. We are trying to stay below $7 a sq/ft. Any suggestions or "success stories" are greatly appreciated.

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I just wanted to repost this to see if we got any responses.
Thank you!

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Check out Lauzon's products. They sell engineered as well as solid wood. Our only option was engineered since our home is on a concrete slab. We went with red oak natural, select & better. Lauzon's quality is excellent. We were able to get a very good price online as compared to any of our local flooring stores.

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Solid wood allows for any color to be used for stain and can be resanded and stained over and over again if desired.

Engineered is usually an engineered wood fiberboard with a thin veneer of wood on top. The finish is typically more durable than the solid wood option as it is prefinished & factory applied, however it is still a very thin veneer. Usually you can resand & restain 1-2 times.

I don't know enough about bamboo to give any input other than it is the "in" "green" thing right now.

Remember as well that in the sales world there are usually incentives offered to the sales people to sell different lines/types of flooring and that may be what you're encountering, too. I like solid hardwood finished on site because it gives you flexibility & options for a lifetime. Typically you can get 2 1/4" to 4 1/2" wide oak hardwood installed & finished for $7.00sqft or less.

Hope this helps!

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I am looking for hardwood as well and am trying to meet a similar budget and color (med. Brown with red tones). If you decide you want exotic hardwood, Brazilian Direct may meet your budget. Bolivian Rosewood has beautiful rose tones that age to a muted brown-red. While I haven't ordered from them, I have heard mostly good things from them on this forum.

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Solid woods are good with toning in colors. Have you given any thought on cork flooring? It is also available in a variety of colors and is actually more durable than wood flooring.

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Thank you so much for the posts. We haven't considered cork. Some of the exotics are on our radar as well. We like the hardness of the exotics. We've been drawn to the Somerset Flooring products for some reason. I will look at the websites and suggestions here. I appreciate the help because for us this is a big decision.

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Hi all- Just discovered this awesome forum! Hooray!
We want to find very low VOC wood flooring (my son is autistic and very chemically sensitive).
Here's what I am hearing....we should find a floating floor or click system of engineered wood that is unfinished. The engineered wood must have no added Urea Formaldehyde. I say unfinished with the thought that we'd finish it ourselves with RUBIO MONOCOAT. (No VOC) Can anyone direct me to such a wood? (Formaldehyde free, engineered, unfinished??) Does this seem like a good plan? I appreciate your thoughts and guidance. We're putting wood on cement slabs, fyi. Thanks!!!!

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"We want to find very low VOC wood flooring..."

Just use solid wood and pick your finish carefully.

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