Fixing mark on polyurethane (wood floor)

sashasmommyFebruary 8, 2011

I stepped on our brand new wood floor today before the polyurethane had dried...(yes, I know I'm a complete moron and have already cried about it.) What's done is done... I just need to know now, can I fix it and how?

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First, you should contact the person you hired to do the work, if you hired someone.

A professional will know how to fix the problem. In a nutshell...the affected area is gently sanded smooth with an assortment of fine sanding media. Then, the same finish that was originally applied is carefully reapplied to the affected area. Sometimes we will follow board lines to hide the 'repair'...sometimes we 'feather' the finish to help it blend.

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As mentioned above, that is exactly how our hardwood floor guy took care of some touch-ups. Don't cry! It can be fixed :-)

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Thanks for the replies... I did call them and they are going to fix it for free! These guys are the greatest!

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