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ivamaeMay 18, 2005

Joyful Guy, this is for you or for anyone else living in Canada who might know. I have just been told that any gain received from stock options is taxed as Capital Gains? Is that correct? If it is then I am learning something I didn't know. I'm rather doubtful if the info is correct but I would like to know for sure. I know, Ed that you do tax returns for seniors so expect you can give me an answer.

Also how are you enjoying your new home? Do you have your computer hooked up now or do you still come in to the library?


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Sorry, ivbamae ... don't know (for sure).

But will find out and let you know.

Enjoying the new place - nice place, but can hardly see the floor for boxes and can't find anything.

Nephew from Edmonton whose wedding son and I attended a year ago Christmas spent a couple of nights a couple of weeks ago.

Got a couple of large bottles of inst. coffee from kids as they were clearing out mother's house last fall, filled small bottle for the farm. Small bottle at the farm was running out when Stuart was here - looking for large bottles, high and low - no result, so far. Frustrating.

Searching for magazine I'd borrowed from Byron library (closed for renovations) this morning: couldn't find it, then couldn't find envelope it came in - needed to find it, as it's overdue and I'm way too cheap (read "frugal") to pay fines. Unnecessary costs are the *worst* kind!

So ... late for ROMEO (Retired Old Men Eating Out) club to drink coffee and indulge in conversation at church - I say it should be ROMDO (Retired Old Men Drinking Out), but they say it's O.K., as usually we have cookies, cake or muffins. We're going to Mandarin for lunch early June, finishing gathering for the summer.

Rent much cheaper at the farm, but must carry water for drinking and cooking - well too close to barnyard. Cattle will be all gone soon - don't think new owner will have any.

Owner dropped some chlorine pucks like they use in pools into well a couple of weeks ago - water doesn't smell any more, so one of these days we'll take a sample in for testing.

Chief problem with computer is mine is rather old, think it had been in an office where there was central processing unit, satellite stations had limited storage capacity. When I try to go online it says there's not enough room to process.

Could be some kind of virus or other nasty critter is messing things up inside, as well. I'd needed to delete some stuff occasionally, before, to keep operational.


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