anso nylon carpet

bluvyletFebruary 26, 2010

This has been great reading and I appreciate all the insight, yet I remain a bit confused.Ive been reading reviews on the internet for countless hours as well as from 9 carpet stores and find some conflicting information.

I'm trying to find a silvery green textured carpet, or short frise which is not an "in" color. When I find the color, I either dont like the quality or the price. Im looking at anso nylon, which looks well constructed and soft and has a 10 year non prorated warranty, which I was told is now a lifetime warranty. Like here, many recommend smartstrand and say that it holds up better to fading and staining.I need it to survive stairs and the bedrooms for two. Havent liked the greens Ive seen by Sorona. Ive been told that all smartstrands are the same,as they are all PTT. One nice frise was Durasilk , which is supposedly a more durable PET?

Can you help me weed through all this to find my sea/moss green? Otherwise IM about ready to give up and settle with a boring beige lowprofile stainmaster and give up the search to be different and try to save my money.



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Anso is top of the line..Warranty is the best in the business..but really, never buy carpet based on warranty. But for the record the warranty is 20 years non prorated, it is transferable, cover 100% labor for the full 20 years also non prorated, covers stairs 100% and even pet stains. It is the best earranty in the business. Shaw went right after Smartstrand point Blank with the pie fight and all. It is hilarious to me. I sell both and would trust Anso over smartstrand as nylon as passed the test of time. I think Anso warranties are nuts.. 20 year no wrinkle, texture retention, manufacturer defects, abrasive wear, and stain with the r2x. Buy the color you like, either one you'll be fine...

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anso, stainmaster etc are names of a 'branded' nylon, not a carpet mfctr. Anso is quite good but as mentioned warranties aren't very meaningful. If it dows include appearance retention especially on stairs, I'd go for it. All fibers have pros and cons and you have to choose whats really good for you.

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I found a green carpet at Lowe's that I just love. it's flat but very soft feeling and i'd describe the color as you do.

I've been going to post on here to see if 100% nylon is good... that's why i came to this forum today!

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One big problem with it..."Lowes" All Major manufacturers make a product just like that. It should say 100% BCF nylon. BCF means it wont fuzz

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i'll have to check to see if it says that too... and then look for it when i go to the flooring store in a few weeks.

I wasn't even looking for carpet the day i saw it - just cutting thru that aisle! I looked over and whoa - i loved it. i did write down info from the back of it. if i can just find the paper i wrote it on.

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