hot water only for showers (oil-heated tankless)

Pipersville_CarolMay 27, 2008

An Australian friend gave my husband an idea for saving money on our fuel oil bill.

He's got a tankless hot-water system fired by an oil furnace, and in the summertime he only turns on the furnace to take a shower, using the red wall switch to turn it on and off. For the rest of the day, the furnace is off and the house has no hot water.

We've got the same kind of system (tankless oil-heated), so we're giving it a try.

Our dishwasher and clothes washer both have internal water heating devices, so they only use a cold water supply anyway.

I wonder if it'll actually save us any money...

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Moving down...

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I doubt if this will save any oil, as the oil burner should only fire when hot water is called for (unless HEAT is being called for too.) You might save a small amount of electricity by powering down, as there is probably a transformer or other electronics using a few watts of power even when the burner is off. Try posting your question in the heating & cooling forum.

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