Help with selecting traditional dining room furniture

sirbrilloApril 28, 2010

My wife and I will be moving in the next 6-9 months to our first real house and we are in need of "classic" traditional dining room furniture. We have a budget of up to $7,000-$9,000 and I'm interested in as close to heirloom quality pieces as I can get.

As a child I grew up actually using our dining room furniture so I intend to also use ours as well. In terms of style we are looking for a double pedestal style table (similar to the Ethan Allen Newport table without the band) with Chippendale like chairs and a china hutch.

I have done a lot of web searching on brands (including here) and I'm open to both new and used. Other than Ethan Allen, Hickory Chair and Maitland Smith, I'm having trouble finding pieces we like in a traditional style.

In terms of quality, what brands specialize in more traditional dining room furniture in this price range.

Any ideas for sites that sell higher end used furniture other than ebay and craigslist?

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Sorry if I wasn't clear on style, we prefer antique styled British/Chippendale design, hence my Ethan Allen Newport Double Pedestal Table example. I'm not sure what the official style of that collection of furniture would be. Would that fall under Windsor/Queen Anne?

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I would look for vintage.... For $9,000 you shoud be able to buy a very nice vintage table and chairs....but not very good quality new for that....

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I highly suggest sending an email to Duane Collie, who runs The Keeping Room in Alexandria, VA. His store specializes in 18th century American furniture reproductions and I'm sure he could either recommend some pieces for you or find a craftsman to custom make to your specs. Very fair prices and a great person to do business with.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Keeping Room - Alexandria, VA

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Even if my budget was $20k, I would go w/ something used. New furniture is just not well constructed and I am not a fan of the finishes either. There are so many wonderful "finds" out there. I would be open to something that needs work OR has already been redone. Being an antique/vintage lover, I would advise that you get the table and chairs at the same place - that way you've not fallen in love/acquired a table and then have to find chairs that are the correct height and comfy. Buy both at the same time.

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Look at Baker and Century. Good traditional selections in both. Century's line is larger.

I am shopping for the same thing right now. My problem is the "better" lines have chair seat heights of 20". I want 18". This problem is pushing me to looking for a vintage/antique set.

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If you like a swirly crotched mahogany center field table with Tulip Wood inlays and border of Santos Rosewood & Crotched Mahogany, and any of a variety of traditional chairs, look at the Leighton Hall tables and chairs at . You could get a 9.5' table and 8 chairs for about $5,300. Add a 66" sideboard for $1,500. Our best quote on a similar Henredon table was $9,500. FYI- they have the same Henredon table on the site for $3,995.

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