gas fireplace - burners go out after 5-10 mins

ladybug_3777October 17, 2005

I recently purchased a home that has a gas fireplace. the previous owners installed the fireplace less than 1 year ago. They turn off the gas lines during the summer so that the line runs to the pool heater. We turned the gas lines back on and bled out all the air. (it took quite a while). eventually we were able to get the gas flowing and got the pilot to light. the pilot stays on just fine. However when we light the burners we have trouble. The burners light up just fine.... but then they run for about 5-10 mins and then they turn off and the pilot light also turns off with them. (The fireplace does not have an automatic tempature shut off. It should say on until I manually turn it off.)

i found that when i first light it the burners stay lit for maybe 15-20 mins. after it goes out and i attempt to relight it the burners will only stay lit for about 5 mins. Seems to decrease in time with use.

i have called around some service places and its pretty expensive just to get them to look at it (around $100). I'm wondering if anyone has some advice of things I can try before the last resort service call.

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I'm pretty handy, but, the one thing I learned is not to fool around with gas lines, I'd call in a pro. However, before you do, have you checked with the gas company to make sure the problem isn't on their side of the meter? That should be a free visit and if they might even be willing to give you some hints as to what the problem could be.

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Also, since its been installed less than 1 year, wouldn't still be under warranty?

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The warranty might not be transferrable to the new owner.

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My fireplace was fine until this year. Now it goes out after a while. Any more suggestions.

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I have a gas fireplace -- came with the house we bought 7 years ago. Worked great the winter we moved in (fireplace was brand new). The next fall when I started it up no problem for up to 20 minutes then it would die. My husband's friend came to look at it and told me what to do. Here it is:

The fireplace gets full of cobwebs. the cowebs and dust burn off during the winter when you run it all the time, and clog up the works during the spring and summer. Take the logs out (make sure you have the manual to put them back correctly). Get a can of spray air or "duster" and spray in the back. I spray in the back on the left back and forward. You are going to have to do this every year. I wish I knew in more technical terms exactly what to do, but to tell the truth I just spray the $##$# out of the area where the little tubes and pipes are.

If this doesn't work you are going to need to get someone in there and pay them upwards of $100.

Hope this helps -- I don't think you can do any harm or break anything (be careful) blowing some air around in there

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Two things that could be happening, Direct-vent units only
(1) if your fire becomes blue and is lifting off the burner your getting a ghosting effect. like putting your hand over a candle the fire will starve for oxygen causing the pilot flame to dissapear and sensor to cool. this is called air lock. some fireplaces occur this when the pilot is out for a while. An easy way to fix this is to open the glass and turn the unit on for a couple min. or slightly open the glass. the air will start flowing and the unit will start working.
(2) the pilot flame could have turbulance near the sensors so a simple homemade pilot shield should stop the pilot from blowing away from the sensor causing the pilot and burner to shut off hope this helps

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