Teragren flooring ODOR

wijodyFebruary 24, 2011

I hope someone can help. I have 400 sq feet of unboxed (just removed plastic on outside of the boxes) in my livingroom and just sitting in the boxes it's smelling up my entire house!

I'm of course concerned. I specifically chose Teragren based on their Floorscore certification, low emissions, etc. Can I trust that this smell I'm smelling isn't toxic?

I called the company and they just kind of acted perplexed, said there should only be a slight 'sweet' odor. The smell isn't a pleasant sweet smell to me - smells more like chemicals.

I seriously want to have it independently tested! I can hardly 'return' it at this point. The installer is coming tomorrow. We'll see what kind of headache (literally) the smell gives him and what he says.

I'm having a 'slumber party' with my kids and my niece tonight, and normally when she sleeps over we sleep out in our dining room (because living room has the flooring) and it smells so bad out here, we're camping out in the bedroom.

UGH! Please someone tell me that this flooring smells but what I'm smelling isn't TOXIC. I hope once it's installed it might go away? (If it doesn't I don't know what I'll do - I can't stand it right now - and it's still in the BOXES)

This isn't Lumber Liquidators junk. This is Teragren. I paid a lot for this floor!

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How did you buy it..? Will the retailer come and visit. Please don't tell me you bought it off the internet...it will probably go away..but have the retailer come to your home...

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I have never had a problem with Teragren, even back when they were TimberGrass. No QC issues, no finish issues, to cupping, no noxious odors. Nothing.

Teragren normally requires the product to be in site 3 days prior to installation for acclimation.

If the odor is that severe it doesn't make sens to install it. You're tossing your warranty protection away right there, as you'll be installing a material you already consider suspect.

So if it really is that bad, and the odor continues to linger, then have them send you new product.

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No I did not buy it online. I will talk to the installer tomorrow, call the store and Teragren again. Thanks.

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Great..then tell that store your concerns and how are they going to handle them. I would not call the manufacturer as of yet...

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I told the store - they said they often get complaints of odors, that new floors have a 'smell', and that I should crack a window when it gets bad.

The installers agree it smells. I'm probably making a mistake by letting them put it in.

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new unfinished, untreated, unstained wood has a 'smell'. So do carpeting and most mfctrd products. If your highly sensitive the advice to let them 'air' out for a bit is good. It doesn't mean its 'toxic'.

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Hope the 'smell' disappated.

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Any updates on the odor from your flooring? I know it has been a year since you posted, but any info would be greatly appreciated.
Like you, wijody, we just had our Teragren Strand Bamboo flooring delivered, and the odor from the boxes (not even opened) is very strong. Did you end up installing? How fast/slow did the smell dissipate? The installers are coming in a few days, and we'd love to hear your story (hopefully to put our minds at ease!).

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