Smelly wood furniture

josmythApril 8, 2013

We just bought a new bedroom set from Gothic Cabinet Craft for my 9yo ds. I am obsessed with keeping any toxins out of his food and environment.
So, the set is delivered last Monday (only the wood pieces, I ordered an organic mattress separately) and it stinks! I mean like you can't go in the room the smell is so overpowering. I have had windows open, fans blowing, heaters blowing. It's as if they stained and varnished this stuff the day before delivery. I called the store and basically they told me to open the windows. I'm so upset. My son has been sleeping on the floor in his brothers room for a week.
Any suggestions on what I can do about the smell? I don't want to just cover it up, I want it gone. Should I varnish over the furninture with a loc VOC varnish? How long should I expect this furniture to off gass?

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Try placing bowls of baking soda around the room to absorb the smell. And Damprid may help if infact they did varnish or stain just before leaving the warehouse! It may not be fully cured. They have it at lowes, homedepot, even walmart. I wouldn't want my little in the room either. I know you dont want to mask the odor, but vanilla candles and/or small bowls with some vanilla extract will help. The company has great reviews. Sorry you are having this issue. New carpet smell can be the same way for while after it's installed. Gives me a headache and nausea.

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I'm so sorry you are going through this! I would also be terribly upset - what good is nice-looking furniture if you can't sleep in the room it is in without feeling ill?

Do you mind sharing the brand of furniture? Maybe you could help others from experiencing something so unfortunate.

I hope the odor dissipates very soon! Good luck!

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Thanks for the replies. The furniture is from Gothic Cabiniet Craft. It's been almost 2 weeks and it still stinks. I'm heading out later today to get the damprid to see if that helps. Baking soda & vinegar wasn't helpful. I also washed the furniture with ivory soap (my husband thinks I'm crazy) but that didn't help either.

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