Can I do this?

rabbit8May 20, 2003

I see on the computer they have moneyline. Is there a way I can record my checking account statement or keep up with my checking account balance on the computer without going on line exposing my account number?

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Is Moneyline like Quicken?

I track everything through my bank's web site, and I notice that it's set up so if you want, you can download everything to Quicken.

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Hi Rabbit8,

When you ask to contact your bank, specifying the branch and its number, you'll likely be using a more secure server than ordinarily for general internet business, but if you want to carry out information about your account, they'll tell you that you are about to enter a secure server and ask your permission to proceed.

Material passing back and forth then is passed through an encrypting system - that changes it into a jumble of coded letters, numbers and symbols that we can't understand - but only the bank's computer and yours can recognize. Their computer will more than likely ask you for your user name and password. As you know, your password shows up in front of you - and on other computers - as a series of asterisks, which only the bank's computer can recognize.

Sometimes they change their encryption coding system every few days - even every few hours - so that some hacker who might have been able to obtain access (quite improbable) once, would find that if he used the same code again a few hours/days later - access would be denied, as the code had changed.

After you've been admitted to the secure area do, you'll be asked to enter your account number - and likely you'll need to enter your password, again. Most people believe that those systems are satisfactorily secure.

joyful guy

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Hi again, Rabbit8,

Question that came to mind when I came before,

When that pesky Rabbit came to your garden and 8 ...

... off many of those tender, young, sweet shooots

- then went off to the corner of the garden to have a nap ...

... do they call that situation, to "veget8"?

Just thought I'd ask.

ole joyful

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Very cute Joyfulguy.

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