Bradington Young/ Hancock Moore- China or Not?

PaddleNPedalApril 1, 2014


I have been looking at furniture for the last several weeks and have found this forum to be very helpful. I am hoping someone can help me with identifying better quality leather seating.

According to what I have read here, HM and BY are considered among the best -HM is said to be THE best. However, I have noticed that the furniture stores in my area are displaying some HM and BY that is not what I would consider top quality. The leather appears to be of low quality and the legs on the BY were screwed in crooked. I found that the BY has at least three lines that use the BY name. They have Envision, Seven Seas and BY. Seven Seas is made in China and has a lesser warranty. I have not found much information regarding Envision, but have not really looked.

HM seems to be offered in levels as well. At my local store (which is in a major city and has a massive showroom) the nicer HM is on one side of the store and the lesser is on the other. The lesser does not have a HM label in the seat bed (under the seat cushion) but the store has a manufacturer code assigned to HM on the tag.

When did HM and BY begin this practice and how do I shop for the better quality seating? Am I overly worried about the Seven Seas, Envision and NO TAG HM???

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Holly- Kay

Paddle, I am seldom on the furniture forum but the best help that you can get regarding H & M and BY is from Duane Collie. He used to post here but now has his own furniture forum. I have linked his site for you. When you get there click on the bar on the right for his forum. IMO he is the person to go to for the most current info. We purchased an H & M sofa and recliner and a Jess Charles chair covered in an H & M leather from Duane this past September. He was so helpful in our choices and his forum is wonderful. The H & M pieces are amazing and very well crafted.

We have two BY chairs that are in the same living room with our new pieces. They are at least 15 years old and still going strong. The Seven Seas is the lower end BY. I don't know anything about the Envision line. We are quite pleased with the quality of the old BY pieces that we have.

Here is a link that might be useful: Keeping Room

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Holly- Kay

I just wanted to add that the comment I made about the Seven Seas line as being the low end I wasn't referring to quality but price point as I don't have any experience with the quality of the SS.

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