What's you're home worth? This is so true.

homewardMay 23, 2006

What do other people think your home is worth?

This is funny, but so true. Unfortunately!

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Thanks for the chuckle. :)

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A lot of life depends on perspective ...

... or viewpoint ...

... or something.

Thanks for a good laugh - on the part of a non-owner.

ole joyful

P.S. Actually, the main issue regarding what yur home/farm/whatever is worth is ...

... how much money someone may be willing to part with in order to become the replacement owner.

o j

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Thx for the laugh!

Funny thing, but...

that IS my house!

Same front layout - garage, front door, window to the left of front door, driveway - even the walkway and that little planter spot btwn walk & house are the SAME!

Only difference - we have a decorative wall outside the front door. BUT THAT WILL MOST LIKELY BE COMING DOWN - as soon as the "bee-man" comes back.

We got bees in that structural part, & have a feeling they spread pretty good in there - since it only took us 1 1/2 years to save up the $$$ to have the bees removed. The wall will have to be torn open & cleaned out. Depending on the damage will depend on if we have it "patched" back up, or torn down! Won't know until we "get in there".

Been wondering what I want to do with front - there it is!

NOW, what would anyone change about it? Suggestions welcome! We live in desert of So. Cal., so plants must be properly chosen...and low maint, and cheap!

Thx a bunch! (Now I want the color changed on my house also! haha)

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