Motley Fool - what happened?

behaviorkeltonMay 30, 2008

I can't remember if I mentioned this here before.

There was a time when the Motley Fool books and web site were pretty darn interesting and informative.

These days, I don't know.

I did a little free registration thingy, and now I'm getting all sorts of ridiculous come-ons in my e-mail with outrageously confident proclamations about their "next stock pick!".

When did this happen to the Fool?

The reason I re-visited the site was that I have a hankering to invest in one or two single risky stocks with some big potential... just for fun... and possible profit. This, I guess, is the definition of gambling.

Anyway, something has happened to the Fool and it's not pretty!

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PMO ...

... Profit-making Opportunity.

o j

P.S. Buy oil and gas ... but not Exxon, that appears not to be researching renewable energy sources.

Maybe not now ... prices too high.

Maybe Royal Dutch Shell ... Netherlands-based, not dependent primarily on (risky) U.S. Dollar business.

Natural gas?

Oil/natural gas pipeline?


Other resources? Some of them are gonna be scarcer than earlier.

Can one buy shares in the Mafia?

Biker Gangs?

They've both been infiltrating legit business for years.

o j

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I agree with O.J. - oil, gas, energy, metals mining. Look up PolyMet Mining (PLM). I expect to make a "relative" killing on this one within a year or two. Right now, at less than $4 a share, I think it's worth throwing a few discretionary dollars at.

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Hi again well-behaved Kelton,

I hope you noted the address of the "Fool" folks.

Not more than 10% of the total investable asset in "fool"-ish stuff, O.K.?

That way, if it dies (which many of 'em do) you won't feel the need to cry for much more than an hour or two.

A day at most.

Sort of like getting a (minor) toe cut off ...

... not a whole foot.

ole joyful

P.S. Let alone with a leg attached.

o j

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Ten years ago, I thought the Motley Fool was beyond the fray of come-ons and scams.

Perhaps they are still good, but superficially, they appear to have sold out.

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