Heat-N-Glo Northstar Dillema...

drmaxOctober 28, 2008

I have and installed a heat-n-glow northstar and during construction, had the heat zone piping installed and run into basement.

(now there is 2 pipe stubs awaiting hookup)

What I intended to so (and still do) is have one pipe run into the intake plentum and the other pipe to the output plentum, and then, without the heat pump on, just run the blower and have it suck and push the air around the fireplace chamber, to get the most out of the fireplace....which would heat the house, no doubt.

The problem is, per heat-n-glow technologies, which I just contacted, that this has not been tested because NFPA code 2-11 has not allowed this....hense, I'm probably screwed as far as doing this "legally".

The only thing heat-n-glo approves and sell is a "zone Kit" which is basically a couple cheesey fans, ($200 ea.) that do the same thing as my furnace would do, but only direct the heated air in one or two different areas of the house, which is not want I want to do. My heat pump furnace is a new York and I do not have the model in mind.

I need some heavey hitters here with any suggestions?

Thank you

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Although you may get some good advice here, if you want true "heavy hitter" input on this you may want to seek the advice of people on the forums at www.hearth.com

Here is a link that might be useful: Hearth Forums

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