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alutzApril 2, 2009

I'm in the middle of some major redecorating and ran across the following article:,0,1381395.htmlstory

"Made in China" wasn't my first choice, but I wasn't going out of my way. This article really put things in perspective for me about the timber industry in China and how it affects others.

So I'll do my best to buy "locally". What are your favorite American manufacturers (or Canadian?)? Are there American furniture makers that don't use American grown timber? At the risk of overlogging, I'd rather get American grown wood in quality furniture that will last.

Thank you!

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Mobel for USA made using 95% domestic wood (drawer bottem is often imported plywood) and Durham from Canada which uses a majority domestic wood.

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Anything made in the USA will be made with North American wood when a North American species is used - woods like maple, oak, walnut, cherry, poplar.

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Harden has their own forests in upstate NY. I believe Tom Seely (in WV) uses local timber also. Their factory is just up the road from my brother in law (in Virginia).

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Chatham Furniture Inc in Massachussetts. 100% solid cherry construction, all hand made. Harden as well. There's also some manufacturers in Jamestown NY. Some Stickley pieces are being made in Vietnam now so be careful.

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Which ones are in Jamestown NY? I don't live too far from there and would consider driving out if they have showrooms.

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Most of the products from these manufacturers are made in North America

Hinkel Harris
Tom Seeley

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I am confused as to why briant73 would say that about post.
I sincerely recommend Standout Designs.
Have you checked out their website at all, briant?
You would be as impressed as I was the first time I saw it.

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The reason I said what I did is your post doesn't sound like it's from an owner of the products but from marketing for the company. You just joined today and already jump in telling everyone not only about this company being great but telling everyone to browse it and buy it.

But since you asked me to check out the website and how great they are I did. My findings left me none too impressed with a few things. No warranty I could find mentioned for said products. Then if you have a problem or just don't like the product you have a whole 7 days to return the product. Of course not only do you not get back the original shipping charge you have to pay freight back to the company and the company selects who picks the item up not the customer. So an internet order company that has no warranty and a whole 7 day return policy where you end up eating shipping to and back if you do have a problem. No thanks.

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To respond, I certainly had to join sometime and that time was a as good as any. Sometimes people are lurkers long before feeling a need to post, as I am sure you know.
Sorry you did not trust my very honest recommendation.
Hopefully others will check out the site and read the testimonials and feel the way we do.

Good luck to alutz in finding what he/she wants.

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I hope we can list some more American Manufacturers too.

Cozmo - As to Standout desings it looks decent enough but not being able to see it in person, no warranty information, and a return policy only lasting 7 days that doesn't include shipping costs either way I have trouble taking the plunge regardless of what the testimonials say.

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I would like to know the American manufacturer that provides the Laurent Table, Laurent Sideboard, and the Ella Side Chairs sold by Crate and Barrel (2009). I would like to find the quality of the manufacturer's pieces.

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I have been looking for a sofa/sectional for about a month now...very painful!
We have been told that Massoud is one of the best out there but for a sectional it will run about $7300.00

So do we go Massoud, Bernhardt, Flexsteel or something from P Barn?

I have read on this forum that Rowe and Masterfield are also good.

Any help out there?

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