Before and After - Enhancing Stones

roorezziOctober 8, 2008

Hi Everyone -

I just wanted to post a Before and After on enhancing the stones of a FP. We have a rock fireplace (not sure exactly what) It is 20 years old and was LACKING character. The stones always looked so chaulky and dry to me.

We had been talking about enhancing the stones since we moved in and never got around to it. We decided to put in a HW floor and thought that now was the time.

We used "StoneTech Stone Enhancer from Dupont." What a difference.

When we first moved in - notice the brass doors.

During: Painted FP Doors

After: HW and Stone Enhancer. The wood also helps warm up the colors.

Just wanted to post this in case anyone was considering trying this - and they could see the results.


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