gas fireplace in below grade basement

kbyrne709October 23, 2009

I would like to install a gas fireplace in my basement (which is below grade). I would like to run a direct vent horizontally through the concrete install a 90 and come up in a dug out well with the vent ending above grade. Total distance below grade is 1.5 feet. Is this possible?

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decide on the brand and model fireplace you want.
Then download the instllation instructions.
Most give great details on what is and what isnt
acceptable as far as venting goes


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Thanks for the reply Gary. I have contacted the manufacturer and their response is to contact the local dealer for an assessment. I have done this but the local rep seems unwilling to show up (after I explained my dilemma). I don't know if its because they are so busy or if this install is more time consuming.

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From other posts I have seen, The fireplace ppl are very busy , right now.
You may want to look at different manufactures, one my be hugrier than another?
What brands are you looking into?
I have a Valor and it's great, I have also done a lot of research on the Lopi Brand.
Most of the web-sites for these manufactures have a "Find Dealer" hot button , that you can click to see who sells them in your particular area.
Good Luck!!


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Why do you need that in a basement to begin with? Basements are naturally warm to begin with in the winter. You will never see any kind of cost savings return on that set up.

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The fireplace is going into a room with no windows to add effect to the room. If I was concerned about cost saving I would have just left the electric heaters there which are 100% return. I looked at the electric fireplaces but they don't have the same appeal.

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Kbyrne709 we have a gas fireplace in our basement family room and we LOVE IT! It does give lot's of effect and also feels good in the fall and spring when you just need a little something to take the dampness away!

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