Gas fireplace: Lennox estate model vs. Lenox LMBV42

lucik77October 24, 2010

My contractor wants to substitute a Lennox estate model gas fireplace that is specified in our architectural plan with a Lennox LMBV-42 because he says it does not fit into our rough opening. However, everything was done according to architectural plan and the total width of the frame is 5'.

I checked around and the price difference is about $1K.

How should I proceed? Anyone face a similar dilemma?

Thank you!

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thank you for your feedback!
has anyone heard about the Lennox LMBV42? it seems that Lennox estate models only come as wood burning. how can i find the right price point that was part of the initial bid to make an appropriate substitution?


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The LMBV42 is a nice product but considered to be more of a builder grade. Assumming you want a B- Vent gas fireplace, the best choice of the Lennox Line would be the Crestline LSBV36 or LSBV42). One of them should meet your appearance and framing needs. Are you expecting to heat aroom with this fireplace? If so, you'll want to look at one of the Lennox Direct Vent models instead of the B- Vent models being discussed.
What major city are you near?

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