Hancock and Moore leather recliner.

annieecampApril 30, 2013

I am trying to decide if I should take the plunge and purchase a H and M leather recliner or order smith brothers. Is the extra cost worth it? I like the styles available from H and M better. Will it be worth the money and is the quality that much better? This is in my open living area.

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How to know if your getting the best value for the money? Obviously if you could try the chair out in your home for several weeks or a month, it would become quite apparent if your getting a high quality and comfortably built chair. And of course being able to return the chair for your money back if your not satisfied. But neither of these manufactures offer this option.
You will need to make that judgement from each respective manufacturers retail store sample as best that you can.

Here is a link that might be useful: 100% Satisfaction guarantee

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anncamp - what did you decide? I am asking because for several months I have been looking at leather furniture. Cannot make up my mind so then I put it on the back burner. I have looked at Hancock & Moore, Bradington Young and Smith Brothers. Now with so many other things coming up - it probably won't be until summer when I start looking again. I would love to know what you decided on and why.

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I am looking for an answer to the same question - Handcock and Moore or Smith Brother's recliner. I sat in a Smith Brother's leather recliner recently and it was extremely comfortable. The salesperson said they are machine tied, not hand tied. Other than that they seem to be good quality and certainly less pricey than Handcock and Moore.. I need a chair that will last a very long time, and since I just bought a H and M leather sofa, I am thinking of using fabric for the lounge chairs. Anyone know something that will help with this decision??

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H&M is hands down the best, so I've heard. My Baker salesperson loves H&M, it's one of the few outside lines that Baker carries in their store. My salesperson at Greenfront also rates H&M way over Bradington and Young or other leather manufacturers. My in-laws own 4 H&M recliners. They are over 10 years old and still look brand new .... outdated, but brand new! :)

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quote "The salesperson said they are machine tied, not hand tied. "
You can not have a coil spring unit in a recliner! Of any kind. Either its sinuous wire spring or webbing.
A quality recliner or any motion furniture will have the name of manufacturer of the mechanism on the mechanism itself. If it doesnt, dont buy it.

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YES, YES, AND YES. They are top of the line. You won't be sorry. A recliner is used in our house daily...I won't skimp on this piece of furniture...you shouldn't either, especially since it will be seen by all who come to your home.

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If you are looking for a good price on Hancock and Moore and wish to buy online you only have a few more weeks to do so as they are chnaging their policy regarding online sales.

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We paired a H&M Miller Bustle Back recliner with the H&M Austin sofa and tilt-back chair/ottoman. The dealer sent in a piece of the leather sample under the sofa cushion and was able to get a great color match on the recliner. It is the most used seat in the house! Leather was the obvious cover choice for exactly that reason. BTW, the Miller recliner looks much better in our leather pick than it does on the H&M website. Very happy with all of our H&M furniture.

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Hancock and Moore stand behind their products in an old fashioned way, with integrity. I have a recliner used every day for 18 years in great shape and my daughter has a sofa and recliner. Quality through and through, a great company with dependable products that cares even after the sale.

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I purshased a leather Smith Brosther's sofa and it was so comfortable. The leather was gorgeous. But, I did not realize in the showroom that this sofa had an issue. Oh, it was a floor model. The issue was that when this sofa reclined there was a huge gap between the top cushions and the bottom, it was about eight inches. I could fit 6 contigo to go cups in it from costco, 12 oz each. It took a report to my AG office but they did take it back.

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