contactless payment check card, what's that?

vacuumfreakMay 24, 2007

I have BBandT for my bank and I just got a new check card in the mail with the new Visa logo. It also had a new feature which I didn't ask for called "contactless payment". I'm a little scared about that. Apparently, it works by waiving or hold the card over the reader and eliminates swiping. Have we actually gotten so lazy that we don't even have to swipe our cards anymore? I'm worried that I'm going to walk by a transponder one day and pay for someone elses groceries or something. Also, if it's emitting a signal, can crooks also "read" my card and steal the info? Anyone else use these? Can I request one without this scary new unnecessary feature?


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Never heard of that. Hope you'll post when you find out.

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I've heard about these. A few months ago they had something on the news about the new cards and yes they said crooks may be able to read them with the right device.

It said you just have the cashier swipe the card just like the grocery cards we all have to carry to get a better price.

From what I remember they didn't think it was a good idea until the banks could make sure they were tamper proof. I would call your bank and ask if you could just have one of the regular cards.

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The cashier at one of the stores I shop regularly said they are very easy to accidently "swipe" twice. They've already had some incidents of that. I'm sticking to the real swipe for now.

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I've been using one at my local gas station for over a year now. It's actually fairly handy, because I don't even have to take the card out of my wallet. I just wave my whole wallet at the sensor.
And there is no way that you'll accidently use your card. It has to get fairly close to the sensor in order for it to pick it up.
They've been around for years, and I've never heard of there being any security issues, so I don't lose any sleep over it.

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I just reread my post, and I thought I'd clarify that when I said 'local gas station' I didn't mean a small independant gas station. I meant one that is near me. It is actually a large Canada-wide gas station called Petro Canada.
They call their contactless cards 'PayPass'. Linked below is an article about the technology.

The fact that the card never leaves my hand makes it more secure. There have been a lot of cases where a cashier will take your card and swipe it on their own personal reader below the counter that will read all of your information and record it. They then sell the information to others. So when you hand over your card, keep your eye on it.

Here is a link that might be useful: PayPass

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I've had a PayPass card for a couple years but have never used it. Not because of any security concerns, I just rarely use that particular card. The only place in town I've seen it being accepted is Jack-in-the-Box, but maybe it's accepted at other places that I don't visit.

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Is it connected to this worry that some have of touching grocery cart handles, that several dozen others have used earlier today, that may be covered with harmful germs?

Quite a few are worried about this expected major flu epidemic.

Or the door handle at the public bathroom?

Our bathroom at a recently-built library has a crooked walk-through into the bathroom (as does a recently renovated part of a local motel and meeting hall) and automatic flushers, plus automatic water feed so that one doesn't need to touch anything (except one's self) while in there - except, one must put one's hand on the closer to lock the cubicle door (should one choose to do that).

I hope you all have a trouble-free weekend (but to hope that you might have a germ-free one would be futile, now, wouldn't it?).

ole joyful

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Nice thing about electronic payment is there is a positive record of where the money went. Misdirected payments can be reversed... if they ever happen. The risk of having money stolen is much greater with cash.

: )

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