How to transition from two different floors

NuestraCasitaFebruary 27, 2012


We are installing wide plank pine floors downstairs in two rooms. The main rooms have rust ceramic tile. We'll eventually continue with the pine floor upstairs and the entire 2nd floor. The rooms will transition from tile to pine floor downstairs and the starter step will be pine meeting tile flooring as well.

I've kept up with these forums for a few years and have read where some of you have hardwoods upstairs and softwood floors downstairs. We'd like to keep the upstairs plain wood with waterlox finish. But, I'd like to keep the downstairs more formal looking with a darker stain. Especially since the pine will meet the rust tile. The stairs will be stained dark too.

Does anyone have experience with how the two different color pine floors will transition at teh landing strip upstairs? Will this be a good idea or look funny? Any and all advice is welcome. Pictures of such a scenario will help.



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I have crimson hardwood on my main (1st) floor. And I want to put light maple on second floor. What color should I use (crimson or maple) on the stairs, and how do I take care of the color transition issue?

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