majestic fireplace issue

maddmikkOctober 28, 2011

I have a fireplace that will sometimes start and other times I have to manually override the thermostat at the fireplace itself by jumping the two terminals. I called a friend of mine who works in the industry and we tried to jump the two wires at the thermostat together to see if it turned on. It did not. I got a new thermostat, same issue. We ran new wiring to the fireplace, same issue. He put in a new power pyle and it seemed to fix the issue. A few days later, when the house cooled down, the fireplace did not turn on. He showed me how to bypass the thermostat and get the thing going. Here is the weird part, sometimes it will come on when temp drops, other times it will not and I have to :help: it and of course once it gets up to temp and shuts off, it sometimes will not fire back up when temp drops again. Any ideas as to where to start looking? Pilot is fine???

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