Is 'green'/healthy flooring a crock?

taeelFebruary 2, 2012

Was about to buy a bamboo floor from Home Depot but started reading about the formaldehyde issues so I got freaked out.

Just went to Green Depot, whose website has a bunch of options labeled formaldehyde free and low VOC. When I asked them how their stuff compares to Home Depot etc in terms of health concerns, they were surprisingly non-reassuring.

Interestingly, what they were offering me was their own brand. I asked how that compared to the EcoTimber samples they had and they basically said it was the exact same thing. And it really looked like the exact same thing, except for price and the fact that the EcoTimber had the label with all the reassuring crap on it. Basically they said that it all comes from China, and that the best they can do is research it and ask for the best product.

I want to buy something that is going to be safe for my family, but this was not reassuring. The "green" samples have the same gluey smell that the HD ones have. Very disappointed. Honestly, at this point I think I'm going to buy real wood and just stain and polish it, though of course there are similar issues with polyurethane, no? Is there any real non-toxic option that works?

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I have looked into this as well. My doctor, who treats people with chemical sensitivities, recommends solid hardwood with no padding and no toxic glues. He also recommends factory prefinished.

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