gas fireplace shuts itself off - then restarts

oldryderOctober 31, 2012

GOt a gas fp on my main floor (Hussong Mfg "Sundance") that lights off fine and burns cleanly (blue flame).

after it's been on for anywhere from several minutes to 1/2 hour or more it'll shut itself off and then, after a little while, turn back on.

Unit doesn't appear to be overheating and it does this whether I have the blower fan on low or high.

can anyone suggest what is going on here?

thx in advance for any help. Mark in Mn

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It may be too late for this, but here goes. I have a gas free standing stove that gets intermittant something like you're talking about. I'm suspecting the thermopile. Not the thermocouple. If that were bad the pilot would go out. If you can get to the wires coming from the thermopile where they connect to the gas valve, you should measure a voltage there of at least 500mv with the thermostat open. You may be right on the cusp and it's basically a crap shoot if the burner will turn on or not. I couldn't get the darn thing out. It's in there so tight I was afraid I'd break it so I just filed the side that faces the pilot and would you believe it hasn't acted up since!
Keep in mind that everything I said relates to a piezo ignition system.

Another obvious thing could be something as simple as cleaning your thermostat contacts.

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