Can radiant heat be used with hardwood floors?

twingleFebruary 14, 2013

My husband wants hardwood floors in our kitchen. My house is on a crawl space. I want radiant heat. Can we do a hardwood floor with radiant heat?? I live in the Northeast where it can get pretty cold in the winter.

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Yes its possable but the heating coils will have to run between the floor joists or if you did a laminate then that would be layed over heating mat. You will want to make shore the hard wood floor you choose is rated for over radiant heat.

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Yes. You can absolutely do hardwood with radiant. Some systems are more difficult and less efficient than others, but you can definitely make it work. There have been concerns in the past with other systems providing an uneven heating surface which can prematurely warp and age the wood. Instances of this actually happening are extremely rare, but can be an issue if the wood is not treated properly prior to installation. If you plan to only do a kitchen, an electric radiant mat might be the perfect solution. You may just want to double-check electricity rates in your area. Here in California, electric radiant is extremely expensive to operate.

I would recommend you speak to the manufacturer of the hardwood you decide on using and see what they recommend. Good luck!

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